How To Become A Flight Attendant

How To Become A Flight AttendantDo you want to learn how to become a flight attendant?  It’s a popular job; in every airline you visit, you will see flight attendants; a flight attendant will help you to find your seat, go over safety details, and be there to make your trip more comfortable and hopefully you won’t rely on him or her in an emergency, though the flight attendant will certainly be there for that too.  Working as a flight attendant may also seem very glamorous; they get to travel all over the world and the flight attendant career is all about service with a smile fifty thousand feet up.  There are some things to keep in mind though when you start learning and some things that you won’t learn until you’re on the job, so it’s good to know it now!

Requirements Needed to Learn How to Become a Flight Attendant

Before you start looking for schools, you should start looking for yourself.  Airlines today are looking for certain qualifications in their airline attendants.

Ÿ  Education.  Airlines want flight attendant applicants to at least have their GED and most are leaning towards at least some post secondary education.  Having some sort of flight attendant certification may help too, though most training is done on the job.  Learning how to become a flight attendant will give you a good idea of what the job is like before you commit yourself to the rounds of interviews.

Ÿ  Attitude.  Flight attendants must be cheerful, helpful, friendly, able to act quickly under stress, and be reliable for the job

Ÿ  Appearance.  How you look is less important than it used to be, though airlines still prefer applicants to at least be proportional.  There are some practical reasons for considering your appearance beyond aesthetics.  First of all, overweight people are less likely to be able to cope with emergencies, let alone twelve hour shifts of lifting luggage, helping people, and walking around.  Second of all, people who are too tall (Generally 6’2″+) may not be able to fit in the airplane as well while people who are too short won’t be able to reach luggage racks.  Finally, being fit will make it easier for you to cope with irregular sleep and eating habits and breathing recycled air all the time.

Ÿ  Languages.  While knowing a second or third language isn’t necessary, it will give you a leg-up in a competitive job market.

Where Can You Learn How to Become a Flight Attendant?

While it’s not necessary to get any sort of specific flight attendant education (you can easily get by with a hospitality certificate or even a degree in things like social work or psychology or anything ‘people related’), it can help you look better to airlines.  There are a few online schools where you can get certification in becoming a flight attendant.  A few flight schools also offer them, though these are few and far between.  Your best bet is to do an online education and make sure that the school is certified and legitimate and that the education you are getting will actually be helpful for you.  Furthermore, learning how to become a flight attendant outside of the airline will give you a good idea of whether you even like the job or not before you spend time searching through the job market.

How To Become a Flight Attendant with Your Job Hunt

While you can go to an online school or even a few flight schools to get the basics of being a flight attendant, most airlines will train once they hire you, so it’s more important to focus on training in overall hospitality.  A certificate in something hospitality oriented will lend you good stead.

Then, start combing job markets.  A good place to start is of course the websites of various airlines; jobs are sometimes posted there and you can apply for them more directly.  Major airlines are more likely to post job openings on their own websites and within the airline itself.  However, don’t stop there; spread the word around via Facebook, Twitter and any other social sites you are involved in that you are looking for a job as a flight attendant.  Check your newspaper and read job postings online.  Smaller airlines are more likely to go for these more intimate routes because they don’t have the money or time to keep up with thousands of job applicants, so they prefer to be more indirect in order to get only those who are truly searching.  In short, the more you spread your net, the more likely it is that you’ll catch something-namely that dream job and in the meantime, take the opportunity to learn everything you can about how to become a flight attendant.

Things to Expect When Learning How to Become a Flight Attendant

It is very important to understand the flight attendant and airline industry though so that you can be prepared for a bit of a slog.  Airline attendants are in a normal sort of demand, but even small airlines get a lot of applicants and major airlines get even more.  In order to have a leg up on the competition all trying to become flight attendants, you have to have as much experience, education, and other perks as possible, such as extra languages, experiences in other countries, certification as a flight attendant, and anything else that can help.  Once you land a job, understand that you could spend years ‘on-call’; competition for seniority is incredibly fierce and easily quagmired.

Figuring out how to become a flight attendant may seem difficult, but it’s largely a matter of perseverance and having the appropriate skill set and physical abilities for the job.  If you really want learn how to become a flight attendant, then go for it and do all you can to chase down your new job.

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